Fix iPhone Charger Cable | How to Prevent Frayed Lightning Cable

by Somesh Likhyanion August 24, 2014
Want to protect your Apple Cables and Cords from Fraying ? Guide of how to cure or Fix iPhone Charger Cables, Earphones and EarPods


Everything You Want to Know about Android 5 aka Android L | Android L Features

by Somesh Likhyanion July 20, 2014
Android L was introduced in Google I/O and here are Android L a.k.a Android 5 Features and Specifications.


Getting Started with Google exoskeleton and Glass: Medicine meets Technology and Becomes the story

by Somesh Likhyanion June 17, 2014
With exoskeleton and Google Glass Antonio, quadriplegic, has a new perspective here is the story of the experience of the Hospital of Rehabilitation Villa Beretta of Lecco. Walking and looking at the world from a different perspective from that of the wheelchair, to see what’s behind a hedge and observe their feet and knees on the move. This […]


ARM Processor for Wearable Technologies

by Somesh Likhyanion June 10, 2014
Wearable electronics market owes its rapid growth, primarily on the processor architecture ARM. Simple devices, such as fitness and smart bracelets watches Pebble use processor ARM Cortex-M3 (here and below the words “processor ARM Cortex-…” we will have a view of chipsets using these nuclei – approx. translation. ) for processing of information from the sensors, as well […]


How to Change Color of iOS 7 User Interface By Jailbreak Tweak Fancy

by Somesh Likhyanion April 9, 2014
As Sir Jonathan Ive said, ” True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, ‘Yeah, well, of course.’ Where there’s no rational alternative.”  IT GOT DESIGN OUT OF THE WAY. iOS 7 is the best flat UI design so far. Yes, there is […]

youtube -video-in-background-android

How to Play Youtube Videos in Background on Android | Play Youtube in Pop-up Window on Android

by Somesh Likhyanion January 21, 2014
We all love youtube music because it is free and easy to access without any account required for it. Youtube songs are great and because of the mobile era we can easily enjoy youtube videos on Android and iOS. To enhance the flexibility of youtube on Mobile platform we can Play Youtube Videos in Pop-up Window & Background on Android.