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Android 5.0 “Android L release” 

Google has chosen the stage of ‘ I / O 2014 to unveil the first information on the “L release” , which is the next evolution of Android . The new version will almost certainly be marked by numbering  5.0  and will bring with it a long list of ‘firsts’, from the look. From the graphical point of view, the redesign of the interface is complete, thanks to the introduction of the Material Design . The future incarnation of the platform (available starting in the fall) will have the unenviable task of crossing the boundaries of the areas smartphones and tablets, to become a true ecosystem that can embrace televisions, cars and smartwatch, respectively, with projects Android TV,  Android and Android Car Wear.


Over a billion active devices each month, 315 million smartphones sold in Q4 2013 alone, 20 billion text messages exchanged every day and 93 million selfie snapped in just 24 hours. These data would be enough to understand what was the sudden growth recorded by Android in recent years, with the operating system a past competitor to the second floor for iOS to dominate the mobile universe. The tablet industry has been literally swallowed up by the green robot, with the platform that today is present in over 60% of the models on the market.[adsenseyu7]

The time is therefore ripe to introduce what may be defined in all respects the most important development ever for the operating system. Google introduced her from the stage of ‘ event I / O 2014 in San Francisco scene, with a first look at “The release” that will most likely arrive on devices with a digital display Android 5.0 .


The name : “Android L” 

During the three hours of the opening keynote, Sundar Pichai and his colleagues have always made ​​reference to the new version of Android as “The release”  or sometimes simply called it “L”. Therefore no confirmation on what will be the full name, but the assumptions are not lacking. Of course it will be a title borrowed from the world of sweets, as already seen in the past with Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat .

There are those who think Lollipop, Lemonade or other Licorice. However, taking into account the partnership signed by Google with Nestlé last year (for the launch of KitKat), we can also evaluate the possibility Lemonhead . For those who were not aware, is a registered trademark of  Ferrara Candy Company , a company that since the 60 markets in the United States small candy lemon yellow.

A few hours of the first ad, however, a further hypothesis comes to light: Android 5.0 could have the nickname of ” Lemon Cake “, generously clue left by Google within various sample images.

Material Design : Android 5

Android-5-features-android-l-specificationsThe look of Android has remained virtually unchanged over the past two and a half years, or since the launch of version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of 2011 is therefore time for a complete makeover , that knows how to refresh the UI of the OS and at the same time maintaining unchanged the immediacy and ease of use. The watchword is to Material Design .Google said the guidelines for everything related to the interface: from the buttons to the transitions, effects shown when you tap the display font. Nothing is left to chance. It is the step that follows the introduction of Polymer occurred on the occasion of the I / O 2013 Every single screen of the app will be studied by developers to adapt perfectly to any type of device, so responsive, i.e. regardless of the diagonal of the display. 

This will allow for example to have the same layout on smartphones and tablets, as well as on the TV with Android TV and in the passenger compartment of the car with Android Car . Below is a gallery useful to understand what changes in visual terms.

Farewell Dalvik Welcome ART : Android L

The “L release” of Android runtime system changes, replacing Dalvik with the new ART . In practical terms, this will translate into improved performance. It is perhaps the most awaited news from the developers, which in this way will be able to fully exploit the hardware capabilities provided by processors and graphics chips, optimizing the application code. 

Even gaming enthusiasts will welcome with open arms the rotation enough to think that the new technology will bring on smartphones and tablets advanced graphical effects comparable to those of console gaming. To this end, Google said it is working with chipmakers like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, ARM and Imagination Technologies.


Battery autonomy : Android 5

One of the Achilles heels of almost all mobile devices on the market today is undoubtedly represented by the battery life . It is difficult to get over a day of use before needing to connect the device to the power outlet to carry out charging. 

Google has considered the issue, announcing the debut of Project Volta with the next release of Android. According to information available, it is a set of tools available to developers and users, whose task will be to optimize the battery life.

Battery Historian will instead be a system of analysis that automatically detects the applications and processes that contribute most of the duration of charging, taking action to remedy it. The first tests showed that the two technologies add about 90 minutes of extra life on your smartphone Nexus 5.


Personal Unlock : Android L

The integration between Android and Android Wear will be deep enough to unlock the smartphone and tablet by simply bringing one smartwatch . It is in this way that works Personal Unlock , a new method developed by Google to speed up access to the homescreen of the operating system, which effectively relieves the users from the obligation to enter the PIN or to make the traditional gesture of scrolling every time that wakes the device from standby. You will need to verify their reliability. In fact, many will remember the security issues related to the use of Face Unlock , launched by bigg with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the platform.


Notifications : Android 5

The notifications  are the means by which applications interact quickly with the user, bringing to his attention updates, messages, news and any other type of information. One aspect of fundamental importance for a mobile operating system, which the group of Mountain View plans to improve with the introduction of “The release” . 

Besides being able to synchronize any notification with small display Wear of Android, the platform will allow you to consult them directly from the lockscreen, even allowing you to interact without the need to unlock the device.

This translates, for example, in the possibility to reply to a text in a few seconds, or to delete unwanted emails even before the unlock. They will then separate the most important notifications, shown immediately, from the second floor, relegated to the background. 

Again, if you are running an application in full screen as a game or playing a video, the reception of a call the app will not be hidden and will continue to work with the operating system that will simply show a pop-up in the top of the display with details on the contact’s name, likeness and buttons to answer or reject the call.

Exit : Android L

The launch of “L release”  will be officially in the autumn, probably in conjunction with the arrival on the market of the next Google branded smartphone, perhaps the Nexus 6 . Regarding updates, all devices of bigg should receive an update official by the end of the year, except for the Galaxy Nexus (which has already missed the appointment with KitKat), the first Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4, now out of the 18 months of support provided by the group of Mountain View.

Developers can immediately get their hands on the characteristics of the new Android , thanks to the preview provided by the search engine. This will almost certainly lead quickly to the release of the first custom ROM based on the release distributed through unofficial channels as the now well-known community XDA Developers.

Many platforms, a unique ecosystem : Android 5

What emerges from the analysis of new products announced at the opening keynote of Google I / O 2014, its intention to make Android a real ecosystem , breaking down the boundaries that have hitherto relegated to the platform and operating system for smartphones tablet. 

The show’s debut Android TV for entertainment in the living room, Android Wear for wearable technology and Android Car that will take the green robot in the passenger cars.

The goal is to offer users an experience that will enable them to move from one screen to another in an intuitive , seamless, unifying the interface between mobile devices, smartwatch , television, notebook computers, desktop computers and dashboard car. 

Emblematic of the slide shown by Sundar Pichai on stage at the event (attached below), which clearly shows the integration between the various platforms.


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