How to Change Color of iOS 7 User Interface By Jailbreak Tweak Fancy



” True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, ‘Yeah, well, of course.’ Where there’s no rational alternative.”

Sir Jonathan Ive,

iOS 7 is the best flat UI design so far. Yes, there is a Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 available in the market for a solid competition. But, still iOS 7 is the king of the Flat U.I and Parallax Effect. 

It brings us the real seductive experience, crystal clear and vibrant view to user. So, that consumer of any age can use it play with and enjoy it any time any where he/she wants

But, due to the Apple security policy the modification of certain things are very rigid. Changing colours scheme, modifying icons architecture installing third party apps are not possible without jailbreaking the iDevice.

A Recent unveiling of a Cydia Tweak Fancy which cost you 0.99 $ let you enable all the features you need to edit the espy acquaintance of iOS 7 User Interface in-terms of colors. 

 To proceed your iDevice must be running on iOS 7 and secondly iDevice must also be jailbroken.

To do so Fancy will help you to refashion your iOS 7 U.I with different colors. It will open every bar that restricts consumers to retouch the restricted colour pigments.

Installation of Fancy on iOS 7



Step 1: Jailbreak your iDevice

Step 2: Head over to repository and add ModMyi in the Repository

Step 3: Search for Fancy it’ll cost you 0.99$ 

Step 4: Hit install

Step 5: Installation process completed 


How to Modify iOS 7 UI with Fancy (Settings)

Step 1: Head over to Settings 

Step 2: Select Fancy

Step 3: And in Global  Settingschange-ios-7-u-i-with-cydia-tweak


If you follow the above instructions careful then, Fancy Cydia tweak will reinforce the immersive experience of your iDevice U.I. Do keep in mind the depiction, scrutiny and ambience of your device because this tweak is not free. So, Let us know in the comments that you really like it or it is just a complete piece of brick.

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Source: Mitch Treece

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