Feeling Nauseous While using iPhone? It could be your Apple iOS 7.

September 18, 2013

The day every Apple user will remember for the rest of his life(till the next astonishing release), The day on which the Ugly Duckling transformed into Swan, The day after which the choice between iOS and others will become easier(you’re getting…the thing which starts with an A).

That’s right fellas I’m talking about the day iOS 7 got released, This day was a golden moment in the history of Apple as the core design of the iOS is been improved.

How to remove or turn off the paralax effect from Apple iOS 7

But just like every thing else the drawbacks of a new product are discovered later on, when a large quantum of users have tried and experienced it.
While collecting feedback from users I encountered a very strange and unique sort of problem. The problem was that the user was experiencing vertigo while using her iPhone,

She quoted, “after installing iOS 7 I was very excited to experience the new design but after using my iPhone for some time I started to have this feeling that i was going to vomit

and she was not the only one to say so many other users started to feel the same way after using iOS 7 . Users who have upgraded to iOS 7 are reporting nausea, headaches and vertigo in a message thread that started Sept. 18 on Apple’s support website.

Q. What Could Be The Reasons ?

What I personally think as the reason for this problem could be the new parallax effect of icons and alerts along with the zooming in and out whenever your iPhone is unlocked or an application is opened or closed

“Seeing a three-dimensional space, on a phone you know is flat,” can trigger queasy feelings, an expert quoted.

Although this problem is even worse when it comes to iPad because it has a larger screen which makes the dizziness even worse.

The solution to this problem is to Turn On the ‘Reduce Motion‘ located in Accessibility in General option.

How to remove parallax in Apple iOS 7

The main problem is that once you have updated your iOS to the latest iOS 7 you can’t downgrade it (right now), this is some real problem for those who are facing any of the aforementioned problems.

‘Although the effects may make symptoms worse for people who have disorders of the inner ear that affect their movement and balance, for most people, this is not going to be a big issue‘ , an expert said.

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