Fix iPhone Charger Cable | How to Prevent Frayed Lightning Cable

Scott Forstall once Mentioned at WWDC 2011 that :

“The most awaited feature of iOS is “Cut the Cord

Scott Forstall

I.e Wireless Sync so, if you open your iPhone or iPad box you’ll see


But still a cable is required to charge your iPhone, iPad and iPod whatever maybe the iDevice you were using. 

Every year Apple updates and improvise over previous devices and softwares in every aspect and every-time they mentioned that we’re introducing this and that and blah.. Blah…

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These statements are true in some facts, but not in every case“.

When it comes to cables, cords, headphones. Apple’s mentioned durability doesn’t stand out as it was mentioned. This problem does not revolve around charging cables, it happens with Lightning cord, Earphones and the latest EarPods too.


So, if accidentally your EarPods cord or lightning connector gets damaged  then Apple will not provide you any support for this and they’ll mention that it is a “cosmetic defeat” which is not covered in warranty : 

[alert variation=”alert-info”]In a recent Report, it was mentioned that if you take your iPhone followed by your broken Cable (EarPods, Lightning cable) they’ll just replace that if you’re not going to ask too many questions.

Source: OSXDaily [/alert]

Leave the facts and sayings : Because some of the readers already have Frayed iPhone Lightning cables. So, without further ado here are some Tips and Tricks by which you can Easily resolve iPhone Charger Cable Problem or at-least you can prevent the “cosmetic” damage in Apple Charging cables, Lightning connector or Earphones.

I’ve divided the problem into 5 categories :

Prevention is better than Cure : Protect you’re lightning connector from getting frayed while using it in day to day life


Easiest Solution 



Apple MD820ZM/A Micro-USB to 8-Pin Lightning Adapter

11.75 $ 17.00 $

Cables & Interconnects

Procedure No.1 : Use Spring on your iPhone Charging cable 


The common reason by which Lightning connectors get “frayed” is because of the wrong twists or applying unnecessary pressure on it. 

Steps and Procedures to use Spring as an Saviour for your iPhone Charger Cable : 

Step 1. Get a Spring
            (You can use Ball Pen or anything with a Refill Sized Spring )



Step 2: Check where is the problem


Step 3: Get a Pen 


Step 4: Extract the spring from the pen and Stretch it so that you can use it on Cord.


Step 5: Start rolling the spring onto the wire gently don’t try out too hard.


Step 6 : And Voila your done now your Lightning connector is Fraying proof.


Procedure No 2.

Buy Covers for you Cables – Collective Cable :

It may sound lame but, you can buy cloths for your Lightning cables or EarPods. These covers up are not cheap so do keep in mind that you’re paying for worth.

Benefits of Buying and Using an Cover for Lightning and EarPods Cable :

Only and Only Looks trendy and classy 

Collective Cable for Lightning Connector


Braided Charging Cable | Eastern Collective

Grab this awesome Lightning connector cover

27.00 $


Collective Cable for 30 Pin Connector iPhone



CLOTH Wrapped USB Charging Cable for iPhone

Premium Quality iPhone Cover Charing cable 30 Pin Connector

5.99 $



Collective Cable for EarPods -Apple



Tangle Free Earbuds For iPhone, iPad and iPods

48.00 $



Procedure No.3 

Dirty Cheap trick to Fix your iPhone Charging Cable :

I was researching the internet and what I found is that people are using very cheap and kind of a dirty method to fix this problem. They are using Plasti Dip – a Box of a Synthetic rubber which is used to paint objects and it get dried within few seconds. It is the cheapest way.



Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol

5.82 $ 7.49 $


Mechanism : The Process behind this method is that you need a paint.

Paint it over the cable which gets dried up quickly and it will automatically heal the Frayed area on your Lightning connector.

There is also another way to do it i.e. you can use Vinyl tape at a cheapest price of 5 $. This the cheapest of all but it will solve your problem in no time. 



Plastic Electrical Tape - Protect your iPhone Cable

5.25 $ 7.09 $



Last But Not the Least

What if we cannot revive it. Here is the best replacement cables you can buy :

Here are the Top 3 Free Alternatives of Apple’s Lightning cables 

Compact Retractable Lightning Cable for iPhone, iPad

10.99 $ 24.99 $


Anker® Lightning Cable 3ft / 0.9m for iPhone, iPad

Anker® Lightning to USB Cable 3ft / 0.9m with Ultra-Compact Connector Head for iPhon

7.99 $ 19.99 $


[Apple MFi Certified] Cable Matters® Lightning Cable

8.99 $ 24.99 $


So, these are the best solutions by which you can Prevent or Fix Fraying of EarPods or Lightning Connectors 

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