Getting Started with Google exoskeleton and Glass: Medicine meets Technology and Becomes the story

With exoskeleton and Google Glass Antonio, quadriplegic, has a new perspective here is the story of the experience of the Hospital of Rehabilitation Villa Beretta of Lecco.

Walking and looking at the world from a different perspective from that of the wheelchair, to see what’s behind a hedge and observe their feet and knees on the move. This experience of the first steps for a quadriplegic is already in itself an extraordinary fact, but thanks to Google Glass exoskeleton and it is even more: medicine and technology come together and become a story of hope to look at, and relate to revive. At Villa Beretta Costa Masnaga, in the province of Lecco – one of the most modern centers of rehabilitation in Italy, where they are experimenting with new technologies and robotics to give patients greater autonomy – has tried to use Google escoscheletro and Frost together Antonio Cavalli, quadriplegic.


Horses wearing with the help of doctors and nurses and the exoskeleton as he gets up and runs through the first steps shares and records the experience through Google eyewear.

The sharing of experience is useful for both the patient, who can relive the exciting moment of the first steps taken with the aid of technology, both for doctors and relatives will, in fact, an opportunity to observe the rehabilitation directly from the point of view of the patient.


Project managers have considered the interesting possibility for the patient to have a tool to be controlled by voice, ideal for those who must use crutches, and the ability for the physician to be present at a distance through video and audio and to observe the patient’s progress.


The Presidium of the ‘ Hospital Valduce “Villa Beretta” Costa Masnaga is a dedicated Rehabilitation Medicine, specialized branch of medicine aimed at recovering the best possible level of function of people with problems arising from disabilities caused by congenital or acquired. In the center of advanced robotics for neurorehabilitation led by Dr. Franco Molteni, experimenting with new technologies, we use virtual reality to rehabilitate the mind and body of patients.