How to Fix Application Safari, Weather, Mail Crashing Issues After Jailbreak from Evasi0n on iOS 7

When people first heard about iOS 7 Jailbreak they are excited that finally there is a jailbreak available for iOS 7 iDevice without knowing that it may cause problems in the future. The iOS 7 jailbreak race is started by RageBreak with jailbreaking iOS 7 on iPhone4 and iPhone4S but, later this race is lead by Evasi0n who has recently introduced iOS 7 Jailbreak for A7 chip devices. Now, from here the problem begins Death screen and Apple logo loop is old school. But, now some people has reported that the devices which has been jailbroken by Evasi0n are facing problem of Application crash. The application which crashes generally are major native applications like Safari, Mail and Weather. To fix this issue

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How to Fix Stocked Application (Safari, Mail and Weather) Crash in iOS 7 after Jailbreak from Evasi0n :

Now there many be numerous ways by which these errors could be occurs. To fix the Native Apps crashing issue in iOS 7:

 Whether you have installed the patched version of AppSync

 If yes, then remove it from Cydia and reboot(some people say that there is no need to reboot but, still better safe….) your iPhone or iPad. 



What is AppSync ? 

AppSync is a package that will let you install paid Application or i can say cracked apps for free. AppSync is a software patch which removes the barrier of app restriction just like Android rooting which let you install Paid apps for free


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AppSync is a Package that allows You to Install Cracked AppStore Applications To Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

let’s face it
Why People Jailbreak their iOS iDevices

1. People want to get free paid apps

2. Some wants to tweak their iOS Device a little bit with themes, Design and animations etc.

3. Some people wants to remove the barrier and restrictions to do the stuff that Apple doesn’t allows.




 If you haven’t installed the AppSync then the problem causing element could be afc2add.



 If you have afc2add installed on your iOS 7 Device then remove it.

 Reboot your iOS 7 device and voila your iOS7 device application would work like a charm.

The New Way to Fix this issue is Get iFile

 Navigate to var/mobile/library/caches
 delete: com.apple.launchservices-054.csstore
 Then respring/reboot.

Still if your facing problem then you can try out these methods aswell

 Remove AppSync7 ( Level of Expertise: Basic )

 Update the Cydia Substrate (Level of Expertise: Basic)

Fix Application Crashing in iOS 7 After Jailbreak by Remove Stock Application folder (Not Tested)

Step 1: Download iFile from Cydia


Step 2: Select the -> and enable Application Name


-> Before Doing everything make a complete back-up

Step 3: Head over to Var -> Mobile -> Applications and Delete those stock application folder which are not working

Step 4: -> Navigate to var/mobile/library/caches
             -> delete: com.apple.launchservices-054.csstore
             -> Then reboot.

Step 5: Your Done !

Fix Safari and Mail in iOS 7 After Jailbreak (Cydia Tweak) (Level of Expertise: Basic)

Step 1: Uninstall AppSync7 and Appcake if installed


Step 2: Head over Cydia and add Source http://Cydia.Hunterbeckham.Net and install Safari/Mail Fix


Step 3: Reboot your Device

Step 4: And then again Re-install the AppSync7 and AppCake

Step 5: Done


These above methods are the limited ways by which you can easily fix the application crashing issue in iOS 7 running jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad devices. If you have any other suggestions or any other way to do it. let us know in the comment below.

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