How to Play Youtube Videos in Background on Android | Play Youtube in Pop-up Window on Android


“Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine.” – Macklemore

We listen music because we love it and no matter we’re on a bus or a train, sitting in our house or in our office. What can be the reason, Music plays a immersive astonishing role in everyones life to fuel up the mood to make a sad person happy and laugh which relieve stress level and increase the relax level of any person.

There is always Music for every situation and for sure. Music has no language

Android is the first mobile operating system which supports true multitasking. And with the arrival of this Samsung’s Galaxy Series devices can enjoy the immersive video experience in a pop-up window play. So that, we can enjoy videos whenever we want without disturbing anything else whether we are doing some stuff or moving.

But, what if we can play Youtube Videos in pop-up Window or in background in Android Devices.

A little while ago we had introduced a guide that will let you play Youtube Videos in Background on iOS Devices. Because iOS Devices has built in this kind of features that are capable of performing background play. But, in Android the process required Third party Application support to play Youtube Videos in Background.

Play Youtube Videos in Background on Android No Root Required :

The Applications are divided into two categories:

1. Application that can play youtube videos in pop-up window and Background. (Highly Recommended)

2. The Application that can play Videos in Background.

Run Youtube Videos in background on Android Devices for Free :

Reason for selecting this category is because these applications can play youtube videos in both pop-up and background mode.

1. Viral


Viral Floating Youtube Popup is a kind of a app that everyone love and one of my favourite in this category. As been mentioned –

 The app supports pop-up window play and background play on Android OS.

 Application is full of customisable content like video ratio, video resolution, landscape or portrait view.

 The Best thing about this app is that we can create our own Viral view for it and also we can export the created theme and share with everyone.


2. VideoTube (Youtube Player)


VideoTube is the next in this category which can perform the same features like Viral but, in a lesser and meaner way. The app interface is not that good but,

 Pop-up window play works like charm in it.


3. SuperTube


SuperTube Popup YouTube Player is the best pick and a well bashed app for Android platform also mentioning the best alternative of Original youtube app for Android

Why ?

 It is a clone of the original youtube app (with ads which is annoying).

 Because of nearly exact clone the apps interface and use is very, easy simple.

 Supports both features of pop-up window and background play for youtube.


Apps That Can Play Youtube Videos in Background On Android Jelly Bean, Kitkat:

Youtube Loop In background Repeat


This long named application is the best application to play YouTube video in the background on Android. ‘YouTubeRepeat Replay Loop’ is the best and for the most great app to play YouTube videos in the background on android.

Why ?

 The app is very less in space and download

 It only buffers the video in a compressed format which consumes very low bandwidth.

There are also other apps which can perform the same option as the above app can do is like uListen, NextVid, FREEdi YT Player which apps are buggy but perform the background feature.

So, the above list of applications can help you to play YouTube videos in the background on Android operated smartphones so, that you can enjoy the soothing and refreshing audio of the greatest music videos available on YouTube. For more apps like this, head over to Google Play Store and search for YouTube background on it and you will find all the apps which relate to this.

If you know some other apps let us know by the comments so, that we can improve our researched list and deliver the best to you.

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