Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 A Camera which operates on Android


Last year Samsung brings the first Android powered camera to it’s Galaxy product line which satisfies some of the users as it packs with Android and various connectivity options which are not available in the traditional point and shoot camera. And with the beginning of the year 2014 people are waiting for the next big thing from Samsung i.e Samsung Galaxy S5. CES is just few days away and Samsung blast-off the years beginning by bringing Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 which is a successor to the previous Galaxy Camera. 

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The original Galaxy camera enhances the power of every photographer whether a user is amateur or a pro the camera is so, user friendly because of that a user can capture all of his/her memorable moments very easily.



What you are getting in the New Samsung Galaxy Camera 2:


Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Just like the predecessor 80% of the stuff remains the same and there are very minute changes has been introduced to it. Same as the big brother Galaxy Camera 2 has:

-> Android operating System but, this time it is the 4.3 Jelly Bean

-> Connectivity options remains the same Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

-> 4.8 inch HD touch Display.

-> Android features are same as the smartphone, packing up with lots of application so, that anyone can easily edit, upload and share his captured moment anywhere he needs(requires connectivity).

-> The Camera sensor remains the same 16 Megapixel but, this time Samsung is claiming that the Camera 2  is packed-up with a new re-enhanced sensor which is capable of capturing more vivid and vibrant photos and videos.

-> The camera has a maximum zoom of 21x

-> The camera can shoot videos at 1080p and also slo-mo at 120 FPS

->  The Processing speed of the camera has been tweaked a little bit with introducing 2 GB of RAM and packs up with 1.6 GHz Quad core processor

->  Samsung claims that the battery life is also improved with the new processor changes and enhancements i.e now, the camera can survive up-to 350 different types of shots at a single charge.

-> Samsung has introduced plenty of new different shooting modes with a massive collaboration of 28 different smart scene modes to choose from, alongside a new “Selfie Alarm” mode that shoots five consecutive High-res. images and select the best one just like best pic from Sony.

-> It is true that there is no connectivity improvement (like apple enhanced Wi-Fi) but, Samsung introduced NFC in the camera so that people can bump there camera with a NFC capable device and share their photos instantly.

-> From the storage point of view camera has a built-in 8 GB memory which can be increased by using a micro-sd card. Finally the camera is per-loaded with Dropbox just like most of the Galaxy franchise smartphones so, that our data can be automatically backed-up to the server and we don’t need to do it manually.


Design, Look and Feel:


From just a single sighting of the camera you can judge that the camera seems to be a little bit lighter and completely redesigned from it’s exterior. The faux-leather style is introduced to it which resembles it to the Samsung Galaxy Note3. 

Pricing and Launching:

There is no official pricing yet by Samsung but, the price will lie around the previous Samsung’s Galaxy Camera price point. Also, it is not cleared about the 3G version of the camera because without 3G it is like ‘army without weapons‘.

The Galaxy Camera is all set to be unveiled in the next week in CES expo. So, lets hope for the best and we’ll tell you the pricing as soon as we know it.

Tell us your opinion on the new move by Samsung on the Galaxy Camera 2. Are you really interested in this deal? or you should prefer the regular point and shoot camera? Let us know by leaving the comment down below and stay connected for more action from CES and full review of Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.

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